Session 67 - A3 Angels Mentoring

"Young start-ups meet A3 Angels Mentors" This will be an informal dinner and we will meet 3 startups.


  • Mardi 10 Décembre 2013
  • Restaurant Le Débarcadère, St Sulpice
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  • Claude Florin, A3 Angels
    Programme A3 Angels 2013-2014
  • Pierre-Yves Cattin and Lucio Carrara, Fastree3d
    Fastree3D sensors enable a "virtual safety belt" around driver assisted cars and autonomous robots by offering 3D imaging technology complementing other sensors such as 2D cameras, radar, ultrasound sensor. This provides a strong performance impact on both independent and integrated (based on sensor fusion) safety systems. 
  • Alejandro Salcedo, HEALvetia
    HEALvetia is about reducing emergency hospitalizations of heart failure patients. By creating an ecosystem to help patients better engage and fight their chronic condition we will increase their quality of life and save lots of money to healthcare systems. 
  • Rudolf Griss and Alberto Schena, Ugnostics
    Ugnostics will provide point-of-care biosensors for measuring the concentration of therapeutic drugs in the blood of patients. Current methods require doctors to draw blood, send it to a laboratory and wait for hours to receive results. Using our method, a single drop of blood is transferred onto a test strip coated with ou biosensor and a simple portable device displays the result within seconds. 


  • dès 18h00: Networking
  • 19h30: Présentations de startups durant le repas


  • Membres A3 Angels
  • Nouveaux mentors
  • Start-ups invitées ou suivies par des mentors dans le passé


  • Inscription :  jusqu'au 10 Décembre
  • Règlement 50.-- sur place ou par virement bancaire.
December 10th, 2013 18:00   through   21:30
Le Débarcadère
Chemin du Crêt 7
1025-VD Saint-Sulpice, VD
Participation CHF 50.00