Session 4 - Spécial Mondial A3

Campus EPFL, Lausanne

Lieu et date

  • Vendredi 5 Juin 2009 13:00-16:00


  • Presentation of A3 Angel club. 
  • Presentations by professionals with experience of early-stage investment and entrepreneurship on 3 themes :
    • Opportunities : how can se identify and maximize them ?
    • Investments : what are the processes and stages ?
    • Teamwork : mentoring and advice, how can alumni help young entrepreneurs ?
  • Networking and discussions around these themes during the A3 Mondial meeting

Speakers profiles

  • Xavier Arreguit, Managing Director, Innobridge SA
    Opportunities : how to identify and maximize the potential of technology start-ups..  
  • Hervé Lebret, coordinator of EPFL Innogrants programs, EPFL : Presentation here.
    Investments : the capital investment processes and stages from friends, angels and VC rounds (from the book livre Start-Up)
  • Jacques Bonvin, Tavernier Tschanz : Presentation here
    Investments : Negotiating business angels financing in a fair and efficient way.
  •  Paolo Buzzi, CTO and co-founder of Swissquote : Presentation here
    Teamwork : how to encourage entrepreneurial teams and what are their needs from their initial ideas to their company growth. This will be illustrated by 6 small pitches from start-ups. 
      • Serge Reymond,  : Presentation here. Sensima technology develops contactless angular measurements and magnetic field direction sensors. Their angular position sensor is integrated on a silicon chip and provides digital, analog, PWM outputs. The company was created by 3 researchers in 2008.
      • Adrian Riedo, : Presentation here. Riedo Networks : develops powerline communication and environment monitoring. The E3Meter intelligent power strip captures energy consumption, and air conditioning parameters for home and IT center energy applications.
      • Guillaume Boetch, : Imina Technologies : develops micro-robots for measurements on printed circuit boards (electrical conductivity, and positioning) or application in microbiology.
      • Denis Crottet : Presentation extract hereSoap Shop : develops a hand washing system enabling a 90% reduction in water and energy consumption, using only one glass of water and contributing to sustainable development.
      • Sylvia Jeney, : Presentation hereNinart :develops photonic force microscope, an imaging technique has applications in the fields of biophysics, cell biology and micro/nanofluidics where it provides precision (1 nm) and speed is (1 MHz).
      • Jean-Marc Wismer : Presentation here. Sensimed  Sensimed AG founded by Matteo Leonardi at EPFL, developps integrated micro-systems for medical devices. The first product, Triggerfish® is a non-invasive ophthalmology solution to monitor intraocular pressure for treatment and diagnosis in glaucoma patients. Other development areas include intra-cranian sensors, orthopaedic implants. Jean-Marc Wismer, has 20 years experience in management and financing at companies such as Silicon Microstructures Inc, Medtronic, Lysis (COO) , Neocast (CEO). He has provided interim management high-tech start-ups including Innovative Silicon, Spinetix, Axsionics, Nexthink, or Mnemis.



  • We also invited additional moderators during our break.
    • Luc-Olivier Bauer,, Nanodimension Luc-Olivier has served in US and european high technology companies, covering all aspects from engineering to manufacturing, finance, marketing/sales, and general management. Currently he is board member and mentor to a number of local high technology start-ups with focus in microelectronics, display, and lately micro- and nano-technologies with and without biotechnology aspects, working on the development of infrastructures necessary for their successful developments.
    • Jean-Philippe Lallement is an entrepreneur, investor and coach. He is General Manager of EPFL Science Park and has over 20 years experience in entrepreneurship, general management and strategic consulting in the ICT sector. He is currently Chairman of Prediggo and previously founder of high tech company providing online monitoring solutions for industrial equipement, a permanent health-check of critical industrial installations used by a dozen multinational corporations. The company received several innovation awards and raised over 5 million  in funding.
    • Xavier Arreguit, Managing Director, Innobridge. Innobridge offers a comprehensive approach to innovation integrating market applications and technological assessments to manage all phases of innovation process.
June 5th, 2009 13:00   through   16:00
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