Room BC 410, EPFL, Lausanne

An event co-organized by the GITI and the A3angels.

Three speakers to summarize the recent advances in the Web of Things. Dominique Guinard will represent the academic and start-up side, Christoph Röthlisberger the industrial side, and Hugo Straumann the telco provider.

A round-table (in French and English) will follow.

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  • Dominique Guinard, Ph.D. / co-founder & chief technology officer
    In the "Internet of Things" vision, the physical world becomes integrable with computer networks. Embedded computers or visual markers on everyday objects allow things and information about them to be accessible in the digital world. However, this integration is based on competing standards and requires custom solutions, thus requires extensive time and technical expertise. Based on the success of Web 2.0 mashup applications, the Web of Things proposes a similar approach for integrating real-world devices to the Web, allowing for them to be easily combined with other virtual and physical resources. In this presentation we discuss possible integration methods, in particular how the REST principles can be applied to embedded devices. We will then illustrate these principles with several concrete implementations and prototypes.
  • Christoph Röthlisberger / Vilant Systems AG
 / Status RFID - Industrial Examples
    A short introduction and examples of standard passive EPC Gen2 RFID cases for Automation in Asset Tracking, Rail, Pulp&Paper and general Supply Chain.
  • Hugo Straumann / Swisscom SA / With NFC to a new Customer Experience
    NFC (Near Field Communication) with the possibility to many different actions through a tap with your mobile has the potential to revolutionize customer interactions. You can rethink how you interact with your customers, how you bring the virtual world one touch away from the physical one. It makes life much easier.


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February 22nd, 2012 18:00   through   19:30