170 participants at BioMedUp

Thanks for to the 170 participants, 25 presenters, 15 start-ups who made our BiomedUp 2014 event a success. 

Please provide your feedback on the overall event so we can improve (click here). If you liked it don't miss our next Seed Night event on May 22 at  EPFL Swisstech Convention Center (register her). Below are BioMedUp 2014 event highlights for your convenience. 

Angel Day workshop : investment and exit in life sciences 

AngelDay life sciences workshop 2014

The presentations covered 3 life sciences investment exits : Anteis, Endosense, Endoart  presented by investors Pierre Strubin - Fongit, Diego Braguglia - Vi Partners, Davide Mauri - Polytech Ventures, Ruedi Gygax - BioBac. For registered participants, the presentations are available (click here)  and you can submit feedbacks in 3 minutes  (here)

Investor Day : Top 10 start-ups in e-health, medtech, biotech

We had fantastic presentations of  Amal Therapeutics, Arisgen, Leman micro devices, Nanolive, Neurix, Obexia, One Drop Diagnostics, PB&B, SamanTree Technologies, Sophia Genetics (details here). The moderation was done by Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier of CTI-Invest and we thank the selection team from sponsoring regional incubators . For members only, the profiles of companies are on CTI-Invest (click here) and A3 Angels (click here). Some companies accepted to present their video pitches you can find below. 

  • Leman Micro Devices (Medtech) Marc-Eric Jones, CEO (video)
  • PB&B (Biotech), Anthony Aho, CEO (video
  • Arisgen (Biotech), Andrew Parker, CEO (video
  • Obexia (Biotech), Conrad Savoy, CEO (video
  • Nanolive (Biotech/Microscopy) Yann Cotte, CEO (video 
  • SamanTree (Medtech/Microscopy) Davor Kosanic , CEO (video
  • Sophia Genetics (Biotech/ICT) Jurgi Camblong, CEO (video
  • OneDropDiagnostics (Medtech) Luc Gervais, CEO 
  • Neurix (Biotech), Mathurin Baquie, CEO (link)
  • Amal Therapeutics (Biotech), Madiha Derouazi, CEO (link)

Evening panel: 5 entrepreneurs and keynotes

BioMedUp 2014 panel session

The scene of life science business environment was summarized by 

  • Angelo De Rosa, Director, Strategy & Business Development at Medtronic, (presentation here)
  • David Deperthes, Vice President Business Development Debiopharm, (presentation here)
  • Frank Kumli, Ernst & Young Healthcare practice, (presentation here)
  • Benoît Dubuis, Director Wyss Center for Bio and Neuroengineering who has been our host

 We heard perspectives from a panel of entrepreneurs :  

  • Nicolas Durand, Founder at Abionic,  
  • Jean-Pierre Rosat, CEO at Aleva Neurotherapeutics,
  • Jean-Marc Wismer,  CEO Sensimed;
  • Nikos Stergiopoulos, co-founder Endoart and  Antlia,
  • Vitali Verin , co-founder Endosense.

They all had benefited from business angel investments at the seed stage of their companies and stressed the issues of early-stage financing. A confirmation that Switzerland remains a fantastic environment with science and technology assets to nurture life sciences companies  and that the field remains an attractive investment opportunites. We adressed the risk/reward balance including reimbursment, regulatory, clinical but also the evolving healthcare delivery models and worldwide demande growth. 

Thank you

The event was made possible by the team of volunteers :  Sibylle Fallet, Claude Florin,  Marc Gandar, Nadine Guenat, Laurent Dominique Piveteau, Lilia Salimova, Colin Turner and the advisors Joseph Maisano, Inartis, Jean-Pierre Wipff, Innovaud, Laurent-Dominique Piveteau, James Miners, Fongit, Philippe Renaud EPFL, Jerome Grosse, EPFL;  Hervé Lebret EPFL, Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier, CTI-Invest, Peter Kazimirsky The Expert Network. We warmly thank our sponsors. 

Thanks you to BioMedUp 2014 sponsors